Travel Guide to Glasgow - Foot and Subway- Full Day

Having a full day in Glasgow will allow you to go slightly further afield. You will be able to see the city as well as some of the West-End. For this tour you will probably need to use public transport to get around as walking will take up too much of your time.

Glasgow has its own subway known locally as the clockwork orange. The subway has to be one of the easiest subways in the world to navigate as there is only one line that runs in a circle. There is only fifteen stations and a circuit of Glasgow on the subway only takes 24 mins. The trains run every 4 minutes so they are never too far away.

One Day Tour of Glasgow

If you have a full day to explore the city of Glasgow, here are some of the highlights we would recommend checking out. There is a lot to see, so pack a good pair of walking shoes and get ready for a fascinating wander. This guide includes all of the attractions of our half-day tour, as well as several more places to visit and things to do in and around the city.

Start at George Square

We suggest starting your journey at George Square. It is just outside Queen Street Station and is one of Glasgow’s most famous landmarks. See the half day tour for info about George Square.

Gallery of Modern Art and the Duke of Wellington

The next stop is the Gallery of Modern Art and the iconic Duke of Wellington statue. See the half day tour for detailed information about these attractions.

Buchanan Street and Princes Square Shopping Centre

You can shop ‘till you drop in this stylish retail district. See the half day tour for more information about the shops, tea rooms and malls in this area.

St Enochs Centre

Ready for even more shopping? St. Enochs is another place to break in your credit cards and pick up some purchases to remember your trip to Glasgow by. See the half day tour for more information.

The River Clyde

Take a relaxing walk along the River Clyde and admire the scenery. Check out the half day tour for info about the history of this River.

The Glenlee - The Tall Ship
Take the opportunity to sit on the hull of a 19th century ship. This historic vessel was built in Scotland, transferred to Liverpool and then shipped out to Italy. The Glenlee first took to the water as a bulk cargo carrier in 1896 and she circumnavigated the globe four times! She is one of the only five Clydebuilt sailing ships that remain afloat in the world, lovingly restored by the Clyde Maritime Trust. The ship is now anchored at the free Riverside museum and you can venture onto it’s decks and really get a sense of what sailing would have been like in the past.

St Andrew’s Cathedral

Admire the gorgeous architecture of St. Andrews Cathedral. See the half day tour for more information.

Trongate – Tron Theatre – Tolbooth Clock Tower

Trongate is one of the oldest roads in the city and it has many interesting attractions to explore. See the half day tour for more info.

Merchant City

The next stop on the tour takes you to the area of town where Glasgow used to house merchant stock in large warehouses. See the half day tour for information about this area of the city.

St. Mungo Museum
This award winning museum is located in the Merchant City area and offers an inspiring collection of works of art from around the world and religious artefacts. The theme of the museum is to promote understanding and respect between all people - which is certainly an idea that’s easy to get behind. The museum also offers a peaceful and quiet Zen Garden - a great place to relax and take a short break during your explorations of Glasgow.

The Necropolis
If you have a fascination with all things creepy and sombre, head to the Necropolis and take a stroll through the thousands of graves adorned with incredible memorials and beautiful architecture. It is located next to the Glasgow Cathedral in the Merchant City area of town and it contains the remains of almost every important person in Glasgow’s history.
There are some fascinating stories about the people who are buried here, such as Dr. James Jeffray, who had a theory that he could use electricity to reanimate dead bodies. It didn’t work, of course, but his attempts were observed by a writer named Mary Shelley who was later inspired to write Frankenstein.

The Italian Centre

This building was built to celebrate all things Italian - learn more about it by reading the half day tour itinerary.

Glasgow City Chambers

Don’t miss the chance to visit the historic Glasgow City Chambers - see the half day guide for more information on it.
While you are visiting the City Chambers you can attempt to climb up what might be the largest marble staircase in the world. This beautiful white Carerra marble staircase has been featured in a lot of films and it dates back to the late 19th century.

If you have the use of a car or don't mind a ride on the Glasgow Subway or Clockwork Orange as its known to the locals, here are some more interesting locations to visit while in Glasgow

The Burrell Collection and Pollok House
Beautiful Pollok Park is a lovely place to relax and Pollok House is home to the finest collection of Spanish art in the UK - over 8,000 objects and artefacts. It is one of the greatests collections ever to be put together by one person, so this gallery is a must for art and history lovers. The collection also include fascinating pieces from the Ancient Egyptian Era, the Chinese T’ang Dynasty and the Impressionists.

The Botanic Gardens
Head out to the West End and visit the Botanic Gardens, located right next to the River Kelvin. These gardens offer a welcoming bit of peace and quiet in the bustling city. Take a stroll through the elegantly landscaped gardens and tranquil woods, or visit the lovely Kibble Palace glasshouse.

Ashton Lane
Another wonderful West End attraction is Ashton Lane, which is a cobblestone backstreet that is connected to Byres Road, close to Hillhead subway station. It is known for its lively dining and nightlife scene and it is lined with bars and restaurants. Lovely fairy lights twinkle, music filters out of the pubs and the sound of laughter is everywhere as people eat, drink and dance the night away. If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, meet hot date or hear some toe-tapping live music - Ashton Lane is a great place to spend the evening.