We are very happy that you have chosen to stay with us for your short break in Glasgow and would like to take this opportunity to run through some important house rules with you.

1. The Derby Suite - Please have a great time during your stay in Glasgow

2. Smoke Free – No smoking in the property or outside in the hallways - Fines of £250 will be imposed if smoking is detected in the property. Smokers may smoke outside only.

3. No Parties / Loud Noise / Music – This is a residential building, housing families and professionals. Please be quiet both in the apartment and in the hallways when arriving home in the evening. Neighbour complaints are taken very seriously.

4. No Visitors – The property is for your use only, any visitors (family, friends) need to be confirmed with management before they may have access to the building.

5. Check-Out is before 11am. The cleaning team will arrive at 11am prompt and will enter the property. Unfortunately due to time constraints and other property commitments this time cannot be changed unless previously arranged.

6. Property should be left in an acceptable condition – We ask that the apartment is left as you find it. If you have moved furniture, please place it back where you found it before your check-out. We also expect the property to be in an acceptable standard as far as cleanliness is concerned. An extra charge of £50 will be levied on properties that need extra cleaning.

7. Rubbish Bins Removed – Please bag up your rubbish / trash before leaving.

8. Fake Tan / Make-up - Please be careful not to get make-up and fake tan on the bedding and towels - You will be charged for items that need replacing.

9. Illegal Activity – It is prohibited to use this property for any and all illegal activity. Any such use will result in an immediate eviction

Please note that if any of the above rules are broken you will be asked to leave immediately.
Eviction or Early departure does not warrant any refund.

Check-Out Procedure
The Derby Suite Glasgow

1. Check Out Time - Check out is between 10.30am-11am. Guests are kindly reminded that they should vacate the property before 11am.

2. Property should be left in an acceptable condition – As per our house rules we ask that the apartment be left in good condition. If you have moved furniture, please place it back where you found it before your check-out.

3. Dishes and Crockery - Please place all your dirty dishes and crockery in the dishwasher and start a cycle before leaving.

4. Rubbish / Trash - Please bag up your rubbish before leaving.

5. Don't want to throw it? - Feel free to leave any usable leftovers

6. Switch Off - Please make sure the lights & TV are switched off.

7. Leave post keys through post box – Please do not forget to post the keys through the mail box on the door. You can allow them to drop to the floor as the cleaners have their own set of keys.

The Derby Suite Glasgow

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